Christmas Mate, N8

To connect to my Dad in Italy is my driving motivation
So I never hesitated to participate in this promotion
With N8 on my hands in this festive Christmas season
Keeping in touch with Dad is an easy mission
OVI never fails to compromise
Because their services is always user-optimized
If I’d be given the chance to have the first-hand experience
In the Philippines, I’ll share our Christmas ambiance
With precision and overwhelming anticipation
I’ll capture the essence of this Christmas I mentioned
I’ll publish photos via OVI Share
Capture more images that captivates everyone’s stare
With a 12 megapixel camera memories are mine to keep
Plus an HD recording feature to record my jingles
I’ll send my warm greetings through OVI Mail and various OVI Store applications
Check out my social networks via N8 synchronization
With OVI Maps on the go being lost is a big no!
So this is how my plan goes
Nokia and OVI will never go out of seasons
People trust them for a million reasons
Kudos to Nokia because OVI you create
And for loaning a superb Smartphone named N8
Do keep it up in “Connecting People”
Sooner or later we’ll return the favor


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