What makes a smartphone a Genius phone? LG Optimus 2x and LG Optimus Black Story

"Show off" I uttered right after I saw the new kid in our classroom. His name was Majesty, son of a prominent businessman. He became instantly popular because he was a rich kid. He has a personal butler who always carries his stuffs around. As for me, I was an average kid who enjoys the gadgets I earned online. I almost forgot the name that was bestowed on me was "Gervie".

One fine day, Maj brought his clunky DSLR with him. It seems he really wants competition so I took of my LG Optimus 2X right into my hand. It was a sure success as I stole his spotlight for a minute. I demoed how nifty the photos were even if it is still an 8mp cam versus his 10mp cam and it does package a full touch camera ui. Pissed and alarmed, he approached me and said "It's just a regular smartphone! What more can we expect? What a pity!" I answered "Even so if it was a smartphone I could make it a Genius phone if I wanted to".

Moments after our debate he threw his DSLR in mid-air. He snatched a new gadget from his butler's hands but before he could even say "We're going live in the HD videocam." I already hooked up my phone to the LED tv near us via HDMI port. His dumbfounded and pissed expression seems really smooth on  HD1080p video.
His emotions bursts into anger as it sends the HD videocam crashing unto the floor. When he was a bit calm, he grabbed the top notch laptop from his butler and gave everyone a trail of jealousy. It sure was something that can't be easily top off but even so I have a 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor to cater tons of apps from the Android market itself and such apps can cater all my social networking and gaming needs. 
He even dared to test the speed of my mobile internet but both yielded the same results since this 3G phone can support High Speed internet. I gave him a total insult that having a USB modem was definitely oh-so-selfish. I showed him how cool this genius phone is by using it as a WIFI hotspot at school to let my colleagues be connected to the internet. I showed him the main advantage of this phone in our career because it supports Adobe Flash 10.1 . As an IT student Flash is vital to our career since we will be specializing in the field of Animation and Web Development. With LG Optimus 2X, I can test run apps, games and preview animations I made at home. It was a swift victory against his gadgets. In the end I just can't help it to the befriend the poor kid( rich kid literally).
Just as we were about to go home an unexpected call broke, it seems my sibling have gone off to the far side of the city an lost his way. This is quite a shocker but I am a bit relieved because I knew he has a phone. A sibling of LG Optimus 2X which is LG Optimus Black. Maj offered me a ride but I didn't got the chance to hesitate because he was really persistent. As I was tracking and tracing my brother's location, he queried where did we get those phones. I told him that I won it from an online competition. He inquired how the two sibling phones (LG Optimus 2X and Black) differs. Technically it was just plain simple because LG Optimus 2X is known to be the 1st dual core smartphone in the world recorded in Guinness while LG Optimus Black is also the first smartphone flagship to have the super clear NOVA display. Judging from the specs its sibling predecessor has a decent 5mp cam with the same Android Froyo OS both upgradable to Gingerbread. And when it comes to memory support both can extend up to 32 gb on a micro sd basis. Arriving at my conclusion I could vividly see the glitter and sparkle in his eyes as I utter my personal experience with these feature packed phones.

I found my brother at the Tanauan Park using the preinstalled GPS and foursquare app and introduced him to my new found friend. We made our way home, bid goodbyes and the rest is history.

P.S. Genius phone formula = feature packed LG Optimus Series + Android OS + witty user. :D

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